Beginner’s Guide To Generating Automated Leads, Sales, and Signups For Your Business!

funded_proposal_marketingSo in the past couple of posts I’ve talked a lot about Funded Proposal Marketing.

In this post I’m going to share with you exactly what those steps are so you can quickly use a funded proposal marketing system to unleash an avalanche of free network marketing leads and new money into your business TODAY if you want to!

Now a good funded proposal marketing system is centered on offering a generic, front-end product to your MLM leads that helps solve their problems.

So what problems do your network marketing leads have that can be solved with a generic product?

Well, before we can figure that out, we first have to figure out your Target Market. Now in case you aren’t familiar with the term “Target Market”, it simply refers to the group of people that are most likely to buy your product or use your services.

Now when it comes to finding business builders to join your downline, your Target Market is actually other network marketers.

So since we know that we should be targeting other networkers, what is a good product that we could offer our network marketing leads that they would probably be interesting in buying?

Well, as I said before, anything that would help them solve their problems. So what are some of the main problems that network marketers deal with?

I can think of a TON, but let’s just name some of the big ones…

  • A lack of leads
  • A lack of money
  • A lack of any duplication in their downline
  • A lack of any real marketing training

So if we want to pick a good front-end product to offer to our MLM leads, all we have to do is find a product that would help them solve any of the problems I just listed. That way, if they choose NOT to join our downline, we can still recoup our MLM lead costs through the sale of the front-end product.

Are you starting to see how powerful this can be for your business?

Now back to my example from my previous post, do you remember how it costs us $3.75/per MLM lead? So let’s say that we generate 100 MLM leads. That means that our total cost is around $375 dollars. Now out of those 100 MLM leads, we can expect 1 to 3 of them to want to join our primary business – our downline. So we can then either pay the $375 dollars it cost us to generate the MLM leads out of our own pocket, OR we can offer a generic front end product to all 100 of our network marketing leads!

So how do you offer a generic front-end product to your MLM leads?

Well all you do is send out a simple email to all of your MLM leads that recommends a specific product to them. You can just talk about how it helped you, or why you think it would be beneficial to them. For example, point out how you think it will help them solve a problem that they’re currently dealing with in their business. Be specific!

As an example, let’s say that MyMLMFormula is the front-end product you want to offer to your MLM leads. (if you haven’t already, you can become an affiliate for MyMLMFormula for free by clicking the banner at the top of my blog).

You then simply send out an email to your MLM leads that talks about MyMLMFormula, and how it will help them generate more network marketing leads for their opportunity, make more money in their business, and ultimately allow them to reach their goal of financial independence faster and easier (which is exactly what it does!)

You then close out your email with a strong call to action and your affiliate link.

Now if you’re targeting other network marketers like you should be, about 20% of  them are most likely going to be interested in also using the MyMLMFormula system to build their business.

So let’s do the math…

100 leads X 20% = 20 sales!

And 20 sales works out to a few hundred dollars in commission for you!

**NOTE: These numbers are for example purposes ONLY. The actual amount you make will vary depending on how you write your email, how qualified your MLM leads are, the relationship you have with your leads, and many other factors **

Funded Proposal Marketing SystemSo that means that instead of paying $375 dollars out of your OWN pocket to generate leads for your business, you’re actually PROFITING by $240.20.

In other words, you’re making money BEFORE any of your MLM leads even join your downline!

You can also repeat this process with other affiliate products, not just with The MyMLMFormula System! So your options are virtually limitless!

The bottom line is that with this system in place in your business you can literally go on generating free network marketing leads forever. In fact, the more the better since you know that you’re actually making money just for generating leads for your network marketing business.

And that’s it! That’s how you put a funded proposal marketing system to work in your own business!

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