3 Tips To Drastically Increase Your Profits

teaching studentsSo recently I’ve written a series of posts that detail exactly what you need to know about a Funded Proposal Marketing System, including why you need a funded proposal marketing system in your business, and how to set a funded proposal marketing system.

In this post I want to give you 3 tips that will make a drastic improvement in the amount of profit that you make from your new funded proposal marketing system.

When you couple these 3 tips along with everything else I’ve shown you about putting an effective Funded Proposal Marketing System to work in your business, you’ll have everything you need to have an unlimited flow of new money and distributors pouring into your business!

So here they are…

Funded Proposal MarketingFirst, this entire process rests on targeting the RIGHT people for your business – which again, are OTHER network marketers. If you started targeted anybody and everybody like “old school” prospecting methods teach you, then you won’t know exactly what your MLM leads are interested in. And as a result, it will be nearly impossible for you to recommend a product to them.On the other hand, if you make sure that you’re only targeting other networker marketers, you know already what some of their issues are. And as a result, it makes it very simple (and VERY profitable) to recommend generic affiliate products to your MLM leads that they would be VERY interested in purchasing!


Funded Proposal SystemSecond, make sure that you first establish value with them. Don’t just start blasting emails out to your MLM leads that say “go buy this” or “go buy that”. That will just annoy them, and ultimately destroy any value that you hold with them.Instead, position yourself as an expert by providing your prospects with valuable, FREE content. Then, when you send them your affiliate link for a product, you’ll have trust built up with your leads that will make them WANT to take action and buy whatever you recommend.


Funded Proposal Marketing SystemThird, don’t over-market to your leads. This somewhat goes back to my second recommendation. But the key to understand here is that if you continually blast affiliate offers out to your MLM leads, each recommendation will hold less and less value in the eyes of your prospects.A great way around this problem is to make your affiliate recommendations go along with some free training that you’re providing them with.For example, you could send out an informative email about how to generate free MLM leads online, then at the end add a sentence that says, “To get a step-by-step blueprint for generating endless free MLM leads using the power of the internet, check out this free video!”…you would then hyperlink “check out this free video” to go to an affiliate product that would offer them the step-by-step blueprint for generating endless free MLM leads. (The MyMLM Formula system, for example).


And that’s basically it! Now I realize this may seem like you’re adding a whole new dimension to building your business, but once you get the hang of it, it’s VERY easy to do and can result in TONS of extra money in your pocket.

In fact, this is probably one of the most profitable and crucial elements that you must add to your business if you want to be successful in this industry. And it’s also the key to creating multiple income streams for your business… in addition to helping you sponsor dozens more distributors because as a result of this system you’re able to generate unlimited free leads for your business!

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